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Remember when moving to a new home seemed so easy, felt almost like an adventure? You'd pack your boxes, give notice to your landlord, say goodbye to your neighbors, and off you'd go. However, for many adults and seniors, moving is no longer as straightforward or simple as it once was, particularly when leaving a residence in which you have accumulated an entire lifetime of memories, cherished belongings, even collections.

Relocating later in life can feel stressful as we contemplate all the decisions that must be made to get from Point A to Point B. What support will we need, and upon whom can we rely to provide it? What items are we bringing into our new home? How can we best preserve our treasured memories and keepsakes? These are just a few of the very first questions that may come to mind.

Regardless of circumstances, relocating can be a tiring, overwhelming event, mentally as well as physically. Take heart: you are not alone, and you don't have to be alone in making it happen. You can call upon the assistance of family, friends and relocation professionals such as ourselves — One Simple Solution — who can help ease your workload and encroaching anxiety.

Planning your Relocation

The first and perhaps most important thing you can do to get ready for your relocation is to plan ahead. This is when you need to ask yourself several important questions which will greatly affect what you do and when you do it. A complete list of these questions can be found in the first tab of our Helpful Checklists web page.

Relocation Binder

One of the most helpful ways to organize your relocation is to develop a Relocation Binder that keeps your critical information in one spot and serves as a handy reference throughout the process of preparing for and conducting the move. Your Relocation Binder is a terrific place to keep a checklist of things you need to do and when you need to do them, and is a convenient place for resources, contacts, pictures, estimates and other documents you will acquire throughout your relocation. House to Home Relocation provides a relocation binder when clients sign up for services.

Moving Checklist

Another handy tool to have for your relocation is a written checklist of critical tasks that you need to accomplish before, during and after your move. Find useful checklists here at One Simple Solution.

More Moving Tips

Useful Checklists

Whether your style is printed material, an interactive online application, or planning with a calendar in front of you, we've got links to all sorts of useful resources to help you plan that next move and make it go smoothly!

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