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Planning your Relocation

Perhaps the most important thing you can do in preparing for your relocation is to start planning, first thing. Ask yourself key, critical questions that will greatly affect what you do and when you do it. Ideally you should begin planning at least six months ahead of the target date for your actual moving day.

Some of the important questions to think about are:

  • Have I selected and confirmed my new residence?
  • By when do I need to be settled into my new home?
  • What do I need to do in order to sell or rent my existing house?
  • If I am currently renting, how much advance notice do I need to give about my upcoming move?
  • Are there any belongings I need to dispose of before I move? Which ones?
  • How should I dispose of those items?
  • Are there any items I need to place in storage? If so, where?
  • Whom should be notified that I am moving, and by when?
  • What items will I need to carry with me while I am relocating?
  • What special arrangements should I make for pet(s)?
  • Do I need to clean my current house/residence before leaving?
  • Who is going to move my possessions from my current house to my new home?
  • Where do I place my possessions in my new home?
  • How soon after I arrive at my new home should I be settled in?
  • Whom do I need to contact when I get to my new home?
  • Can I manage this relocation all by myself? Or should I consult a professional to assist me?

10 Keys to Downsizing

When downsizing from a larger residence to a smaller one, consider these ten tried and true tips:

  1. Embrace imperfection. Before getting started, determine to concentrate on getting what you need done as quickly and efficiently as possible, given what time and resources are available to you. Aim for elegance and accomplishment rather than something elusive like "perfection."
  2. Plan strategically. Decide what is most important to you emotionally and financially. Determine what you need to do to honor what you consider most important. Then draft a timeline plotting what you will do and when.
  3. Think resale. Do you plan to sell your existing home? If so, before you put your house on the market or move out, consider what you need to sell, donate, or gift to friends and relatives.
  4. Break it down. The details of downsizing or right-sizing can feel overwhelming, particularly if you have occupied the same home for many years. To keep things manageable, set aside a realistic amount of time each day to work on one or two small tasks.
  5. Don’t "pack and put off." As tempting as it may feel to just toss everything in boxes and deal with it later, you could spend at least twice as much moving that way. Paying to move things you will no longer be using will cost you more. A better strategy is to separate out what you intend to sell, donate or gift, and pack only those items you know you will need and use in your new home.
  6. Stay detached and practical-minded. It can be difficult sometimes to give up things you feel sentimental about. However, it is far more difficult to dwell in a home cluttered with belongings that don't fit the space. Ask yourself, "Do I own my things, or do my things own me?" Make the decision to take charge; your life will be immeasurably easier later.
  7. Map your space. There is nothing quite like that moment you discover your sofa or large bed simply won't fit in your new space. Before the movers arrive, let us sketch out your new floor plan, measure your furnishings, and make sure everything fits. We can also help you determine whether all the wall connections for TVs, computers, and phones are in the right place.
  8. Stand your ground. Don't give in to make someone else happy now when it means you will end up being unhappy later. Your family means well, but you must be firm. Make the decisions about your moving process and your time frame which work best for you.
  9. Schedule, schedule, schedule! Take stock of your target move-in date as well as other important, upcoming calendar dates and times. Then, working backwards to the present, decide what you want to do when. What works for your needs?
  10. One Simple Solution is at your service. We are here to help you with all your relocation, moving, and downsizing needs. How can we help you today?

10 Moving Challenges

One Simple Solution is there for you. We will help you handle all these challenges, and more ...

  1. Who will arrange the procurement of all the supplies (boxes, padding, tape, packing paper, labels, box cutters, inventory sheets, extra tools) you need to pack up your belongings?
  2. How will you know if you are getting the best deal -- the highest quality service for the most reasonable price -- from a mover to transport your belongings?
  3. How will you disburse or dispose of things you do not plan to take with you to your new home?
  4. What will you do if your furniture does not fit in your new home?
  5. Are you worrying over the packing and transportation of your most treasured and valuable possessions? Do you fear they could go lost or get broken?
  6. What happens if you haven't finished packing when the movers arrive?
  7. When moving day arrives, wouldn’t it be great to have someone to oversee the placement of your things in all the proper places?
  8. You've just arrived with all your boxes in your new home, and you go to look for that "one important thing." Wouldn't it be awesome to have someone there who knows exactly where that item is and how to find it quickly?
  9. It can take days or even weeks to get fully moved in and settled. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be fully moved into your new home within hours of the move, instead of days or weeks later?
  10. What if an emergency arises during move-in day> Wouldn't it be wonderful to have someone right there with you on the spot to simply manage whatever comes up?

When relocating, the main goal is for you to endure the process with the least amount of hassle and confusion possible. Remember, help is available every step of the way, and One Simple Solution welcomes the opportunity to assist you into your new home. As experienced Senior Move Managers, we really do understand the concerns you have about your upcoming move. Ask about what we can do to help your move be safe, thorough, and complete. It's all about us helping you!

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