Our Relocation and Moving Services

The physical and emotional demands of relocation can be overwhelming for anyone. Our full-service approach moving assistance covers everything.

  • Where to start with all you’ve accumulated through the years?
  • What to keep? What to donate?
  • How do I adjust to my new surroundings and services?
  • Does my family need to be there?

Here’s how 1 Simple Solution can help:

We provide a free in-home consultation to discuss your exclusive needs and concerns. We can consult with family members if you so wish. Our complimentary consultation has no time limit.

We work with you to create a step-by-step schedule of what needs to be accomplished to successfully complete your move. Our job isn’t done until you are settled and comfortable. A successful relocation starts with a good plan. Even if you don’t have an immediate need to relocate, we welcome the opportunity to work with you over time to work with you through your personal belongings. We set up a schedule that works for you.

We help examine your home and identify items you’d like to keep, discard or donate. We can arrange for donations to be picked up. We can ship items to family members and friends. We can arrange for an estate sale or consignment sale. Everything is handled with compassion and care. We listen to what you want us to do.

We carefully arrange, pack and inventory all boxes. We take photos of household belongings. We provide boxes and packing material. All your items are in experienced and trained hands.

We discuss the furniture and accessories you want to move and prepare placement plans based on the layout of your new home. Your comfort is our goal.

We can contact a number of local moving companies to obtain comparative quotes to help transport furniture and/or fragile items. We can also manage out-of-state moves. We can even coordinate services with our national network of Senior Move Managers if you require unpacking or new home-set up at your out-of-state destination.

We can coordinate services such as cleanup crews, stagers if you are selling home, painters and contractors ect. If you are planning on renting your home, we will work with property management companies to get it ready to rent. We have longstanding affiliations with a number of trusted services to help make your move as stress free as possible.

We can arrange for the dispersal of items through an estate sale, consignment, donation, on-line advertising. Even after you’ve moved from your current home.

We make sure you know exactly where those crucial personal belongings are at all times, such as wills, trust, and insurance. And we help preserve your family heirlooms, photos and videos.

Let us attend to all details on moving day. We will oversee the moving crew, pack any last minute items, and handle any unexpected elements that may arise.

We don't just help you unpack. One Simple Solution will make your beds, set up your kitchen, ensure your accessories are in place, get your electronics up and running, even hang pictures for you. We can get you settled into your new home as swiftly as possible, even the very day of the move, so you can get right to relaxing and enjoying your new place. As we work to set up your home, we will remove all boxes, packing materials and other telltale signs of moving. And if you use a walker or wheel chair don't worry: your safety is our top priority. We ensure there will be no cords trailing across the room, and no protruding rug edges, to trip you up.

Don't fret over all the phone calls. We will help to close out accounts tied to your former address and transfer your utilities and services over to your new location.

Looking to redecorate or replace older appliances? No worries, our team is here to assist you in purchasing new furnishings, decorations, and even appliances for your new home.

1 Simple Solution is a one stop shop. We will assist your realtor to prepare your former residence for sale. Assemble and supervise contractors and coordinate any remodeling/renovations/repairs. Provide you with any written estimates to prepare the home for sale. All you have to do is ask. We can do as little or as much as you need.